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EP380: Movie Pass Relaunch, Netflix Turns 25, Gosling an Robbie Re-team, Samaritan, Me Time, The Black Phone, She Hulk Reviews, Wednesday, Confess Fletch Trailers

September 4, 2022

Episode Three hundred and Eighty. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they discuss the latest in movie news, box office numbers, and trailers.

Which Actor has NOT portrayed Elvis On-Screen?
1) Kurt Russell  2) Val Kilmer  3) John Rhyes Meyers 4) Jeff Bridges 5) Kevin Costner?

Me Time
The Black Phone
She Hulk
Magic Crystal

–Movie News–
Movie Pass Relaunches in September
Ryan Gosling joins Margot Robbie in Ocean Eleven Prequel by Jay Roach
Ferris Bueller spin-off from Cobra Kai creators
Colin Trevorrow pleads with fans to watch the Jurassic Park: Dominion Director’s Cut on Peacock September 2, 2022
Wolfgang Peterson Dies
Netflix turns 25

–Trailer Addict–
Confess, Fletch
Greatest Beer Run Ever
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

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